Monday October 12th: ELDA feat. Chris Mapp

This week at Jazz @ The Oxford we’re continuing with the theme of brilliant improvised music, and welcoming three amazing musicians from the Birmingham scene for an evening of spontaneous music and soundscapes.

jato brum improv


Aaron Diaz – trumpet / electronics

Andrew Woodhead – piano / fx

Chris Mapp – bass / electronics

ELDA is a longstanding collaboration between Aaron Diaz  and Andrew Woodhead. Inspired by groups such as Food and Supersilent, their improvisations blend acoustic sounds and live electronics to create shifting musical landscapes. They often feature guest performers in their sets, most recently doing a tour with Norwegian vocalist Kari Eskild Havenstrøm (Trondheim Voices, Kristoffer Lo). They will be joined for this gig by Jazzlines Fellow Chris Mapp (Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders) and also J@TO resident reprobate George Crowley on tenor sax.

This promises to be a really special evening of music, and a great chance to catch some incredible musicians from another scene!

As ever, doors 8:30, music from 9; entry £10 / 5.

See you there!

Monday October 5th: Phillipp Gropper’s Philm + Lauren Kinsella / Tom Challenger

We’ve got a really, really exciting bill coming up this week as we not only play host to an incredible band from overseas, but also we feature a wonderfully striking duo between two key figures on London’s improvised music scene. Read on…

photo: Oliver Potratz

photo: Oliver Potratz


Phillipp Gropper – saxophone

Elias Stemeseder – piano

Andreas Lang – bass

Oliver Steidle – drums

PHILM is alert and wide awake. PHILM plays music of our time. Intelligent, direct and gripping – a statement. PHILM’s sound is shaped by a wonderful simultaneity of musical actions. The music creates an irresistible maelstrom with great rewards for the listener in its wake.
Along with Hyperactive Kid and TAU, PHILM is the third project which the Berlin-born and -based Tenor Saxophonist Philipp Gropper heads as a leader. His compositions are a distillate of ideas which, like in a particle-accelerator, are unleashed to collide and react with one another. The music has a distinct and almost obsessive rhythmical focus: there is great clarity in the ideas and they will stay with you.
Philipp Gropper has developed a unique style of his own which is characterised by his choice of sound and note-material as well as by the clear ideas he has developed about the role of a tenor player in a given musical and band context. This level of reflection and clarity about the instrument’s role in a band is rare – especially among tenor saxophonists. Gropper has the technical flexibility to fulfill any possible role in any given moment.
This powerful arsenal is a result of his many years with the bass-less trio HYPERACTIVE KID, a working process he seamlessly carries over into this group.
With Oliver Steidle, Elias Stameseder and Andreas Lang, Gropper has gathered a group of remarkable musicians for the realisation of his ideas. They are strong enough to stay in control of the trance-like states reached by some of the compositions and yet flexible to handle them playfully. They give each composition what it needs while they retain their personal sound in the process. This is a new level.


Lauren Kinsella – voice

Tom Challenger – sax

Opening up for the evening, we have this amazing duo between Lauren and Tom, who will be no strangers to many regulars at The Oxford, and who have been at the forefront of many brilliant goings on in London for some time now. A relatively new duo, this will be an enchanting set, not to be missed.

We’ve been looking forward to this one for some time – do come down and join us for a heavy evening’s music!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry £10 / 5.

***AND, as Friday is the first of the month, our friends over at Con Cellar Jazz (The Constitution in Camden) have got a terrific double bill in store, with sets from the Mark Lewandowski Quartet (featuring Tom Challenger, Liam Noble and Gene Calderazzo) and the Lloyd Haines Trio (with Josh Arcoleo and Chris Hyson) – we strongly recommend you pop down!***

See you there!

Monday September 28th: Mark Pringle’s ‘A Moveable Feast’

Closing out a stellar September’s gigs at The Oxford, we’re very much looking forward to welcome the much-fêted young pianist and composer Mark Pringle, and his project ‘A Moveable Feast’!

photo by James Banner

photo by James Banner

A Moveable Feast:

Mark Pringle – piano / compositions

Josh Arcoleo – tenor sax

Joe Wright – tenor sax

James Banner – bass

Euan Palmer – drums

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” – Ernest Hemingway

‘A Moveable Feast’ is a group led by award-winning jazz pianist Mark Pringle. Heavily inspired by time spent studying in Paris in 2013, the music draws on multiple cultural influences, containing themes of nature, wildlife, literature, the chaos of cities, the lives of people who inhabit them, woodland creatures and strange beasts…

This autumn sees the group undertaking a national tour to promote the release of their album, ‘A Moveable Feast’, on Stoney Lane Records. Boiling down the full line up of strings, horns and rhythm section to its creative core of piano, bass and drums, and adding to the mix saxophonists Joe Wright and Josh Arcoleo explore Mark’s music with great freedom of approach and a mutual musical understanding, resulting in music that is eclectic, adventurous and highly unique.

Mark Pringle is a Peter Whittingham Award winner for the year 2015, following in the footsteps of previous recipients Gwilym Simcock, Trish Clowes and Elliot Galvin.

“Mark Pringle is an exceptionally gifted pianist and composer, and a remarkable improviser. His latest recording, ‘A Moveable Feast’, is a brilliant ensemble piece and a striking example of his writing and playing” John Taylor, April 2015

This promises to be another really wonderful gig, do come out and join us!

As ever, doors 8:30, music from 9; entry £10 / 5

See you there!

Monday September 21st: ‘Can of Worms presents:’ Sloth Racket

Kicking on with our pack September line up, it’s time for the first of the ‘Can of Worms presents’ nights, which sees saxophonist, composer & J@TO lead clown George Crowley’s band Can of Worms in monthly residency workshopping new material, and inviting an excellent band to join them in a double bill. For September’s instalment, Worms are very much looking forward to presenting Cath Robert’s excellent Sloth Racket!

sloths group shot final

Sloth Racket:

Cath Roberts – baritone sax

Sam Andreae – tenor sax

Anton Hunter – guitar

Seth Bennett – bass

Johnny Hunter – drums

Sloth Racket was formed for a Jazz North East gig at Gateshead Jazz Festival 2015 by saxophonist Cath Roberts, bringing together some of the UK’s finest improvisers from Manchester, Macclesfield and London. The music takes as its starting point a set of pieces written especially for that festival, combining regular musical notation with some graphic scoring. These provide broad frameworks for the band to navigate together, balancing freedom and structure. So far the results have ranged through many sound worlds including free jazz explorations, extremely heavy grooves, spiky duo sparring and minimal improv textures.

Can of Worms:


George Crowley – sax

Tom Challenger – sax

Dan Nicholls – keys

Sam Lasserson – bass

Jon Scott – drums

“It’s rugged, clever, crisply played contemporary jazz, from a fine young composer/player who knows where the music has been and where he’s headed with it.”
 The Guardian

Do come down and join us for what promises to be an excellent – and quite possibly bonkers – evening of music from two exciting bands!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry £10 / 5.

See you there!

Monday September 14th: Max Luthert’s Orbital

After a brilliant start to the season last week, we’re delighted to be back on Monday with a gig from brilliant bassist and composer Max Luthert and his group Orbital!

photo by Steve Pringle

photo by Steve Pringle


Max Luthert – bass / compositions

Gareth Lockrane – flutes

Séb Pipe – alto sax

Duncan Eagles – tenor sax

Matt Robinson – piano

Dave Hamblett – drums

Max Luthert, bassist with Partikel, Zara McFarlane and Benet McLean, has made a reputation as one of the most in-demand bassists of his generation and is quickly making a name for himself as a composer and band-leader with his group Orbital.

Luthert’s group features long-standing musical collaborators and virtuoso musicians in fellow Partikel leader Duncan Eagles, Gareth Lockrane, Dave Hamblett, Matt Robinson & Séb Pipe. This sextet is at ease with itself having performed together in a myriad of situations over the years and as individuals they all provide notable contributions to Luthert’s emotive originals. These originals blend intricate and modal harmony with sometimes irregular time signatures and forms next to anthemic themes, while Luthert grounds the ensemble with his immersive bass lines matched with poignant improvisations. Within the frontline there is the lush blend of flute with the two saxophones creating a distinctive soundscape that marked the band’s debut as an ambitious first outing,firmly kickstarting the solo career of one of Britain’s finest young bassist/composers.

“A very mature work for a debut…Luthert has a fine sense of time and a big jazz vocabulary at his disposal, his modernistic sound encompassing the bass tradition that stretches from Richard Davis to Dave Holland.” – 4*, Marlbank 

“An impressively mature debut from Luthert. A set of compositions that are rich in colour and texture, the sextet line up allowing for plenty of variation in terms of tone and timbre.” – 4*, The Jazz Mann

This promises to be another spectacular gig here at The Oxford – come and join us! JOIN US!!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry £10 / 5.

See you there!

Monday September 7th: Michael Chillingworth Septet

We’re very excited to be kicking off an Autumn season – packed full of amazing musical treats – in just under a week, and what better way to do it than with a top young band, lead by leading young saxophonist and composer Michael Chillingworth?!

photo by Brian Homer

photo by Brian Homer

Michael Chillingworth Septet:

Michael Chillingworth – alto sax / clarinet

Josh Arcoleo – tenor sax

Tom Challenger – tenor sax / clarinet

George Crowley – bass clarinet / clarinet

Lewis Wright – vibes

Sam Lasserson – double bass

Jon Scott – drums

Mike Chillingworth has been active on the London jazz scene for over a decade and has a formidable reputation as a saxophonist and improviser. His CV is impressive, working with many of the leading figures in British and European jazz including Kit Downes, Jim Hart, Stan Sulzmann, Jeff Williams, Gareth Lockrane, James Maddren, Ivo Neame, Julian Siegel, John Taylor, Calum Gourlay, Tom Farmer and Ant Law. He has performed throughout the UK and abroad with many groups, including Round Trip, Troykestra, Stan Sulzmann’s Neon Orchestra, Ant Law Quintet, James Maddren Quartet, Jack Davies Big Band, Andrea DiBiase’s Oltremare Quartet, Rick Simpson’s Klammer, Noise Union and Dan Nicholls’ Money Jungle and has featured on numerous recordings.

This Septet – his most recent project as a leader, formed in November 2014 – boasts a line-up which allows for structured and disciplined fully composed music, as well as real risk-taking improvisation, comprised as it is of seven of the UK’s most exciting and fearless improvisers. The heady blend of four reeds and a highly assertive and interactive rhythm section gives the group a distinctive and unique sound, and the music, inspired by such topics as arcade gaming, social media anxiety and Korean confectionary, is full of humour, colour and personality.

This band will be heading into the studio the day after this gig, to record what will be Michael’s debut album as a leader, to be released on Two Rivers Records in April 2016 – we can only recommend, in the strongest possible terms, that you come and join us on Monday so you don’t have to wait that long!

“Really special … Very complicated but full of wit and melody too. Clever Sod.” Liam Noble

“Chillingworth is emblematic of this generation of jazz musician: a sculptor and architect with a keen sense of form, flow, colour and texture”

As ever, doors open at 8:30pm; music from 9pm. Entry £10 (£5 students).

See you there!

Hooray – Summer’s nearly over!!!


We hope everyone’s been enjoying their Summer this year, but let’s face it – life without gigs at The Oxford isn’t ever that rewarding for anyone, and so we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be back with you from 7th September, bringing the traditional mix of exceptional original music, from the sweet and melodic to the batshit bonkers.

Let’s have a little preview at what’s on the horizon for September alone:

7th – Michael Chillingworth Septet – featuring Josh Arcoleo, Tom Challenger, George Crowley, Lewis Wright, Sam Lasserson and Jon Scott (on the eve of the band recording MC’s debut album!)

14th – Max Luthert‘s Orbital – featuring Gareth Lockrane, Duncan Eagles, Seb Pipe, Matt Robinson and Dave Hamblett

21st – Can of Worms presents: Sloth Racket – first of a new monthly residency for Can of Worms, hubristically enough, but rendered less so by the fact that they will all be double bills with a wicked other band! This time it’s Cath Roberts’ Sloth Racket, featuring Sam Andreae, Anton Hunter, Seth Bennett and Johnny Hunter

28th – Mark Pringle‘s ‘A Moveable Feast’ – featuring Joe Wright, Lluis Mather, James Banner and Euan Palmer

Also, the venerable Con Cellar Jazz (down the road in Camden) kicks back in on September 4th with an absolute snorter – check it at

Come one, come all! As ever it’ll be 8:30 doors, music from 9; entry £10 / 5.

See you in September!



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