Monday November 24th: Loz Speyer’s Inner Space Music

The jazz festival may be over come Monday, but there’s no rest for the wicked (and also jazz in London isn’t limited to 10 days in November) so we’re kicking on and closing November in style with trumpeter / composer Loz Speyer and his band Inner Space Music!

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Inner Space Music:

Loz Speyer – trumpet / compositions

Chris Biscoe – alto sax / alto clarinet

Rachel Musson – tenor sax / soprano sax

Olie Brice – bass

Simon Roth – drums

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman, Inner Space Music takes improvisation into new territory, and frames it within a set of strongly melodic, catchy tunes with references going back into jazz history.

Compositions such as Rocket Science and From A to B to Infinity play around with a combination of fast, slow and free time, as a flexible framework for improvising, exploring the fine line between structure and freedom that is a central theme in the jazz tradition.

…and Five Animal Dances are musical sketches based on the Five Animals Qigong forms (Bird, Tiger, Deer, Bear and Monkey) – a Taoist practise of movement and meditation designed to connect us with the vitality and playfulness of the natural world.

A wonderful gig awaits from a brilliant line-up of musicians and improvisers at the forefront of the UK scene – forget about your festival hangover, or see us as a jazz hair-of-the-dog, if you like!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry only £5.


Monday November 17th: George Crowley’s Can of Worms

We’re deep into this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival now folks, and to celebrate we’ve got Oxford promoter George Crowley’s excellent Can of Worms!

worms live

Can of Worms:

George Crowley – sax

Tom Challenger – sax

Dan Nicholls – keys

Sam Lasserson – bass

Jon Scott – drums

Glorious, fiery, deep… Like throwing a hymn book into a pizza oven.

Can of Worms explores that happy and unpredictable space where written and improvised worlds collide, diving deep into group improvisations and compositions featuring taught, tense grooves, wailing sax-confessionals and all-out glorious free-jazz! Formed on a whim for a pick-up gig in early 2013, the strong sense of fun, interaction and joyous anarchy quickly convinced Crowley that this was a project which had to happen properly, and now, some 18 months later, the band have recorded their first full-length record of Crowley originals, to be released on the prestigious and world-reaching Whirlwind Recordings in February 2015.

Please come and join us for the last Can of Worms gig of 2014!

As ever, doors 8:30, music from 9; entry only £7.

See you there!

Monday November 10th: Sam Braysher Quartet

As we get ready for London Jazz Festival time we’ve got one more excellent gig to tide us over, as we look forward to welcoming the brilliant young saxophonist and composer Sam Braysher and his stellar quartet!


Sam Braysher Quartet:

Sam Braysher – sax

Barry Green – piano

Oli Hayhurst - bass

Josh Morrison – drums

The Sam Braysher Quartet aims for a contemporary sound whilst drawing on a wide range of reference points from the jazz tradition and placing improvisation at the forefront. The band plays a mixture of Sam’s original music alongside carefully presented, often lesser-known, compositions from the jazz canon with a rhythm section featuring some of the most remarkable and busy musicians on the London scene.

This is going to be an amazing evening of top drawer contemporary jazz – don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the bright young stars in UK jazz with a formidable band!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry only £5.

See you there!

Monday November 3rd: Tommy Andrews Quintet

Kicking off another amazing month of music here at Jazz @ The Oxford, we’re excited to be welcoming one of the top recent ensembles on the London scene, lead by the brilliant reedsman and composer Tommy Andrews.


Tommy Andrews Quintet:

Tommy Andrews – sax/ clarinet

Nick Costley-White – guitar

Rick Simpson – piano

Dave Manington – bass

Lloyd Haines – drums

The Tommy Andrews Quintet was formed in 2011, bringing together some of London’s most exciting young jazz musicians to play original compositions. The quintet has an eclectic library of music to call on, with progressive rock, classical music, film-score, groove and minimalist influences all playing their part in the sound-world. One of the defining factors of the compositions is their through-composed qualities, which tend to shun the ‘head-solos-head’ structure. The improvisation sections thus act as a developmental part of the composition, motifs are widely used to provide cohesion and themes often return in fresh new guises.

The quintet’s debut album ‘The Crux’, was released on the Jellymould Jazz label in June 2014, with this gig being part of a tour supported by Jazz Services – come and see this exciting ensemble at the top of their game!

As ever, doors 8:30, music from 9; entry only £5.

See you there!

Monday October 27th: Brass Mask

This week at The Oxford we’re presenting one of the most dynamic and exciting ensembles on the London scene as we welcome Tom Challenger’s Brass Mask!


Brass Mask:

Tom Challenger – tenor saxophone

Rory Simmons – trumpet

Alex Bonney – trumpet

George Crowley – tenor saxophone

Nathaniel Cross – trombone

Dan Nicholls – farfisa organ

Theon Cross – tuba

John Blease – drums

Led by reedsman Tom Challenger, Brass Mask is an octet of percussion, horns and now organ, delivering loping riffs, growling basslines and the old-time church spiritual groove of the American deep south. Their expansive sound is simultaneously mournful yet jubilant, taking the forms of gospel, Haitian Rara and the flamboyant African American street bands of New Orleans Mardi Gras as reference points for spontaneous improvisation.

It’s been a good couple of years since Brass Mask played at The Oxford, and this gig – a sort of warm up for the band’s Autumn festival appearances – promises to be a super-fiery one; don’t miss this opportunity to see this great ensemble for the measly sum of a fiver on the door!

As ever doors at 8:30; music from 9; entry only £5.

See you there!

Monday October 20th: Andrew Oliver Quintet

This week at The Oxford we’re very much looking forward to hosting the debut performance a hugely exciting new ensemble lead by pianist and composer Andrew Oliver – the Andrew Oliver Quintet!


Andrew Oliver Quintet:

Andrew Oliver – piano / compositions
Dave Shulman – clarinets
Ralph Wyld – vibraphone
Huw V Williams – double bass
Simon Roth – drums

Performing creative music for the curious listener, the Andrew Oliver Quintet weaves through minimalist textures, strong melodies, and subtle improvisation. The end result is genre-bending chamber jazz reflecting the dizzying diversity of music floating around everyone’s head in the modern age. Featuring a cast of fine improvisers from London’s thriving jazz scene, Andrew’s Quintet picks up where his Portland chamber-jazz group the Ocular Concern left off. In a 4-star review of the Ocular Concern album “Sister Cities,” Downbeat wrote: “If M.C. Escher had led a band, this would be the sound of it.”

The new London-based Quintet features Simon Roth on drums, a prolific improviser, composer and organiser, known for his interdisciplinary “Pop-Up Circus” events and his drumming with the award-winning Elliot Galvin Trio. The versatile Dave Shulman is featured on clarinet and bass clarinet. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, Dave performs frequently in numerous styles ranging from klezmer to gypsy swing to contemporary free improvisation. Young vibraphonist Ralph Wyld, currently studying at the Royal Academy, has already distinguished himself in classical and jazz at a young age, having served as the principal percussionist of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and performing with Troyk-estra, Rick Simpson’s Klämmer and many others. Welsh bassist Huw V Williams quickly came to the attention of London jazz audiences after performances with Huw Warren and NYC drummer Jim Black in 2013, and has been featured in a wide variety of creative music projects in the past few years in London and Wales.

Come and join us for the premiere of some wonderful new music played by these fantastic musicians and improvisers!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9; entry only £5.

See you there!

Monday October 13th: Solstice

This week at Jazz @ The Oxford we’re very excited to be welcoming a formidable ensemble, a supergroup of incredible musicians, improvisers and composers from the E17 Collective – Solstice.



Brigitte Beraha – voice

Tori Freestone – saxophones / flutes

John Turville – piano

Jez Franks – guitar

Dave Manington – bass

George Hart – drums

Combining a variety of influences including Hermeto Pascoal, Pierre de Bethmann, Brian Blade’s Fellowship, Dave Binney and Edward Simon’s Oceanos, this new band was recently formed to explore some common influences of contrapuntal writing and to develop a variety of sonorities within the ensemble. Featuring some of the most sought-after and respected musicians on the UK scene, this should be a very special gig, and not one to be missed!

As ever, doors at 8:30, music from 9, entry only £5.

We hope to see you there!


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